Welcome to my Spinal Universe. For 25 years, my working life has been spent in the world of body repairs –  fixing faulty backs, necks and joints and helping people to move better so that they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Over the years, I poked my head above the parapet and managed to get collared for a range of other stuff: leading a national association, taking on a European role and giving expert testimony. Now, I’ve stepped away from clinical practice to take on a global role based in Canada.

I work with organisations and try to help them meet their objectives. Whether they are working for an organisation or being served by one, it helps to understand people and get along with them. They are the key components and determine how successful an organisation will ultimately become.

Trying to stick to the four Hs – hard work, honesty, humility and humour – has helped me ride out the storms and enjoy the highlights. This blog will share some of those moments. I hope you enjoy it.

Richard Brown

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